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Sports Science Conference

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  • Conference 2018
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Online registration is now officially closed. But if you have not registered yet, you can easily register on site during the Conference days to visit the lectures and Master classes. Please bring a valid ID, for example, driving licence or passport.

Free admission to the conference!

Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to inform you that the "III Russian Research and Practice Conference on the issues of Sports Science with international participation" will be held in Moscow Center of Advanced Sport Technologies" on November 14-16, 2018.

For the last six years annual conference brings together the best speakers of Russian sports science and invites leading experts from all over the world to develop international cooperation and integrate Russia into the world scientific community. The conference reasonably is one of the most important events for professionals in this field.

Topics of the sections will cover such important areas as theoretical and practical issues of physiology, biochemistry, morphology, and genetics of sports, mathematical methods and computer science in sports, sports cardiology, sports psychology, sports rehabilitation. Special attention will be paid to the problems of bringing the athlete to the peak of the form.

As a result of the conference, an electronic collection of materials will be published with the assignment of ISBN and RINC, in which materials from all thematic sections will be presented.