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Abstract submission instructions

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Rules on submission of materials

Materials that correspond to subjects and topics of the conference will be accepted for publication. The text of the publication should explicitly identify elements of scientific novelty and practical significance. The text should end with conclusions (do not mix up with the enumeration of the results!). Author should choose one of the topics of the conference for publishing.

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by Scientific Committee. The Committee reserves the right to reject the submitted materials that do not correspond to the profile of the conference, regardless of the extent to which they are carried out. Submissions will be published on a principle "As is". Literary editing of texts will be carried out only in cases of presence of obvious typos and misprints.

The publication materials approved by the program committee will be published in Russian (or English) in the Conference Proceedings Book, which will be assigned to the ISBN and will be indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index. The collection will be published on the sites: the scientific electronic library - http://elibrary.ru, the library of the international sport information - http://bmsi.ru/, on the Internet portal "Sports medicine" - http://www.sportmedicine.ru/, and also sent by e-mail to all registered participants of the conference.

Acceptance criteria for materials:.

Materials should be from 1 to 10 pages, A4 size, portrait orientation. Margins are set at 20 mm. The version of the text editor must be Microsoft Word 2007 and higher (doc or docx formats). Text body character size is 12, Times New Roman, spaced 1.25 cm. The line spacing is single. Numbering of illustrations, tables and formulas should be continuous. The captions should be as a separate text (should not be included in the picture).

The publication material should be presented in the following sequence (publication sample):

  • the title of the publication (bold, center horizontally, 16pt);
  • initials and surname of authors (bold in the center, 12pt), academic degree and title, e-mail (italics);
  • full name of the organization (without abbreviations), city (if the organization is more than one, then all organizations with footnotes after the authors' names are indicated, in case of coincidence of the author's work place it is necessary to specify it once for the entire group of authors) in italics;
  • annotation (in the volume of 5-7 lines), in an extremely concise form outlining the essence of the work and the results of the results - in italics;
  • keywords (up to 10 words), which carry the main semantic load in the text - in italics;
  • the text of the publication, taking into account other requirements for its design;
  • references, issued in accordance with Russian GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (Russian) style (System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of making).

If the publication has several authors, then in a separate file it is necessary to collect information about authors that contain the following information about each author:

  • title of publication
  • surname, forename, second name,
  • academic degrees and title,
  • occupational (name of organization and city),
  • contacts (tel., e-mail)

If the publication has one author, then information about the author can be filled out in the registration form. In this case you do not need to send information in a separate file.