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Call for Papers №1

Dear colleagues!


We would like to welcome you to participate in the Second Russian Research and Practice Conference on the issues of Youth and Adaptative Sports Science which will be held in Moscomsport Centre of Sports Technologies, Moscow, Russia from the 11th - 13th December, 2017.

Conference organizers are:

  • Moscomsport Centre of Advanced Sports Technologies and National Teams` Training;
  • Federal Research Centre, Institute of Developmental Physiology of Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Scientific Research Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine, Federal Research Centre (SCOLIPE).

Conference basic goals:
The coordination of Biomedical organizations, Research Institutes and coaching staff`s attempts to design an adequate and rational training process for sports reserve and athletes of adaptative sports, which might provide an improvement of performance in elite athletes; as well as reveal the critical issues in pedagogical and biomedical fields considering the preparation and training of sports reserve in Russian Federation. We are also going to consider the problem of implementation in practice the advanced technologies and achievements of academic and applied sciences. We also want to help coaches to become familiar with the current advances in the field of Psychology, Biomechanics, Morphology, Physiology and Biochemistry, Medicine in Sport Science.

Conference objectives
- to analyze current conditions of scientific researches in children and adolescents participating in regular sports activity; 
- to reveal the most important issues in ongoing researches in Youth and Adaptative Sport Science;
- to outline the ways of elevation the quality and reliability of domestic researches and studies on children and young adults;
- to discuss the results of investigations of sports reserve and its practical application;
- to discuss the terms and possibilities of effective implementation of the scientific conclusions in sports practice and training;
- to discuss the biomedical issues of sports training and preparation in young athletes and athletes of adaptative sports.
Conference program includes the following sections in the area of youth and Adaptative sports:

  • Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Morphology and genetics
  • Pedagogy
  • Biomechanics, Mathematical Methods and Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Medical supply
  • Juridical and legal supply and regulations

We also invite specialists from related scientific areas.
Important Dates:
1st of September 2017 – Early bird registration and abstract submission (1500 symbols or less)
29th of September 2017 – Deadline for abstract submission for Conference Abstracts
15th of October 2017 – Second announcement (all abstracts will be reviewed by the Reviewing Panel, which will make recommendations as to the type of presentation (oral or poster)
1st of November 2017 –conference program release
11th of December 2017 – the opening of the Conference

29th of September 2017 is the deadline for paper submission for Conference Abstracts.
If you have any questions please contact us - cstsk_conference@mossport.ru
Working languages for foreign scientists are Russian and English.
You can apply for oral presentation and poster presentation; you can participate personally or remotely.